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Number of hits 34
Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
11040358Inductive sensor with DTM04-3P - hook quick hitch QSCMount just below surface edge (POS.2-3 included)2
111049727locking cylinder QS80 V2 QSC pre(POS.12-23 included)1
121048783Låscylinder QS80 V2See "Lock cylinders"1
131040359Inductive sensor with DTM04-3P - locking cylinder QSCMount 1mm from Sensor plate (POS.2-3 included)1
1049974spring QS70/80 Ejectors - 21,8x210
Inductive sensor with DTM04-3P - hook quick hitch381029068Inductive sensor with DTM04-3P - hook quick hitchReplaced by POS.1 from 2018-01 Mount just below surface edge (POS.2-3 included1
391036833Inductive sensor with DTM04-3P - locking cylinderReplaced by POS.13 from 2018-01 Mount 1mm from Sensor plate (POS.2-3 included)1
401050637locking cylinder QS80 V2 pre-NOT QSCReplaces 1041151. Used without QSC (POS.12, 14-23, 39 included)1
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