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Number of hits 56
Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
11047601quick hitch QSM70 EC226 cast1
101052682Connect. block & swivel QSM Compl.See "Valve blocks & Swivels"1
191048075coverplate ECO under QSM702
236000193screw MK6S 10x30H 10.9 FZBLoctite 27002
27710152adapter 401-06-06 90°Assemble before connecting valve block to swivel2
28710157adapter 401-06-08 90°Assemble before connecting valve block to swivel1
301049297valve block QSM-steel1
321048341Släpring-QSM70-EC226 M121
331050384Täcklock släpring QSM1
351046691rubber buffer Ø25,5/10 L7,5 Slip ring QSMUse the outer ring. Washer down1
431050649Adapter förlängning extra 1/2" QSM70-Stål2
511050650Adapter förlängning extra 1/2"-1/2" QSM70-Stål2
53710913O-ring 17,17x1,78 PU/90 - ECO60 1/2"Separate seal kit: 70000462
551050422Adapter förlängning extra 1/2"-1/4" 69mm QSM70-StålLoctite 2700 against POS.512
591049358cover plate GRD/SWD Coupling - QSM70 magnetOnly for QSM-Q1
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