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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
61042047directional valve NG4 IQS lock 12V DT ss10 Coil AQS, CW, ECPUP, ss SIQ (POS.5, 8 included)1
71042190directional valve NG4 IQS lock 24V DT ss10 Coil AQS, CW, ECPUP, ss SIQ (POS.5, 9 included)1
directional valve NG4 lock 12V JT12730312directional valve NG4 lock 12V JT(POS.11, 14, 16 included)1
directional valve NG4 lock 24V JT13730310directional valve NG4 lock 24V JT(POS.11, 15, 16 included)1
directional valve 24V25730103directional valve 24V(POS.20, 30, 31 included)1
26730340directional valve NG10 12V(POS.22, 29, 31 included)1
directional valve NG10 24V27730339directional valve NG10 24V(POS.22, 30, 31 included)1
431045154Plug JTPlug JT connector1
48810501tool 8P/12P ILME(POS.49 included)1
511042249adapter cable-ECO W-DC2-DTMFor EC-Oil. Replace POS.44 (POS.45, 52 included)1
541044790Adapterkabel-låsventil-ECO W-DC2-QSC DTM-DTFor EC-Oil. (POS.55-56 included)1
cable QS - QLM - tiltrotator DTM 4,5m69842148cable QS - QLM - tiltrotator DTM 4,5mAttach to POS.41. (POS.39 included)1
741029599adapter cable-ECO-ss5/ss9/ss10-DTM-->JTFor EC-Oil. Replace POS.69-70 (POS.37, 52 included)2
751033021cable ePS ECO tiltrotator SVAB/ss9/ss5For EC-Oil ePS. Replace POS.67-68 (POS.56 included)1
79710702Seal washer GBR04 1/4"Used as shim if required1
841028045Inductive sensor M8 PNP NO - SVAB MACSTurn clockwise. Nut torque: 3Nm1
911043277adapter cable ECO W-MACS-DTMFor EC-Oil MACS. Replace POS.69,82 (POS.39, 52 included)1
971042250adapter cable-lock valve-ECO W-DC2-QSCReplaced by POS.54 from 2017-101
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