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4611040washer NL 8mm 153104QTY: 8 part of Tilt cylinder10
71016416tilt axle EC214, EC2192
111023811tilt cylinder EC219/EC226WSee "Tilt cylinders"2
186000253screw MC6S 16x110 12.9 ZFSHL ISO4762QTY depends (4-8). Torque: 333Nm8
196000156screw MC6S 16x100 12.9 ZFSHL ISO4762QTY depends (4-8). Torque: 333Nm8
20711504Plug VSTIR38EDQTY: 4 part of Tilt cylinder6
21710703Seal washer GBR06 3/8"QTY: 2 for option Wide8
22710106adapter 136-06-06QTY: 2 for option Wide8
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