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How to shop online


Finding the right product

There are several ways to find the article you are looking for:

·        Click on the left side of the page to open our navigation tree/drop-down menu.

·        Use the A-Z list, which is our quick list containing all product groups in alphabetical order.

·        Click on the "Quick order" button to the left if you already know the article numbers of the products you wish to order.

·        You can also find our search function to the left. Enter the search term in the field and then click on "Search". You can find more information on search methods in the Help section under "Search tips".

·        Most of the banners (at the top of the screen or to the right) are clickable. Clicking on a banner will take you directly to a campaign, product group or article.


Once you have found the article you are interested in, click on the "Buy" or the "Select" button. The "Select" button is visible when you need to make a selection, e.g. choose a size or colour.


Shopping basket

When you click on "Buy", the article is added to your shopping basket. The shopping basket is always visible at the bottom of the page. Here you can see the number of articles and the total order amount.

You can save the contents of your shopping basket by clicking on the "Save basket" button just above the shopping basket. This enables you to retrieve the contents later on. This might be the same day or on another visit to our e-commerce site. Simply click on "Retrieve basket" to fill your basket with the saved contents or to replace its current contents.

If you need to change the contents of the shopping basket, click on the "To checkout" button above the shopping basket.


To checkout

Once you have finished shopping, click on the "To checkout" button just above the shopping basket. This will take you to the checkout section. If you have not already logged in, you will need to do so here or register as a new user.

Check that your address details and the contents of your order are correct. If you would like to amend the order quantity, enter the correct quantity in the field and click on "Amend". Click on the bin icon to remove the article from that particular line.



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