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PosItem no.DescriptionExtra infoExtra info:
11050600Svivel 7-kanal QSM med anslutningsblock QSM60 stål(POS.3, 11-15, 18-20 included)1
21050703Svivel 7-kanal QSM med anslutningsblock QSM70 EC233 stål(POS.3, 11-13, 15-18, 21-24 incl.)1
31049276swivel 7-channel QSM complete-Iron(POS.4-10 included)1
141049290connection block under QSM60-Iron1
161049313connection block under QSM70-Iron1
171050762Svivelförlängning-QSM-EC233 Stål1
18611040washer NL 8mm 153104QTY: 10 for QSM708
Start > engcon för grävmaskiner > Tiltrotators > EC226 > Rotator frame > Valves & Swivels > Anslutningsblock & Svivel 7-ch (1050600,1050703) QSM