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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
directional valve 24V7730103directional valve 24V(POS.10, 13, 14 included)2
directional valve NG6 lock 24V9730104directional valve NG6 lock 24V(POS.10, 13, 14 included)1
16730158Adapterplatta NG6-NG4(POS.17 included)1
241034402screw Valve Distance NG6 M5x30,5Torque: 9,7mm. QTY: 4 for MACS.2
381029593adapter cable-ECO-DC2-DTMReplaces POS.33. (POS.34, 39 included)1
491029599adapter cable-ECO-ss5/ss9/ss10-DTM-->JTFor EC-Oil, replace POS.44-45. (POS.28, 39 included)2
581037919adapter cable ECO MACS-DTMReplaces POS.45, 61. (POS.39, 41 included)1
831018662Bridge JT tool lock valve SQ DC2/ss9-2Plug contact "1" (Lock valve)1
871042250adapter cable-lock valve-ECO W-DC2-QSCReplaced by POS.40 from 2017-10. (POS.28, 31 included)1
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