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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
71033283Heim joint M10/Ø10 Male, 42mmUnscrew 6,5 turns from bottomed2
8611703reamed bolt ø10x25/M8 136509Loctite 2700 against POS.64
191038210Grab arm GRD10 left(POS.21 included)1
201038213Grab arm GRD10 right(POS.21 included)1
231042068shims GRD10 56x35,5x1Also used between grab arm & frame if required2
28710702Seal washer GBR04 1/4"QTY depends on config (4-18)6
591022974Kgrab guard 10-complete-GR10= right , GRD10= leftMount to left cylinder (POS.61-64 included)1
601022975Kgrab guard 10-complete-GR10= left , GRD10= rightMount to right cylinder (POS.61-64 included)1
68610536screw MC6S 16x160 12.9 untreated ISO47622
746000108screw MC6S 14x75 12.9 untreated ISO4762Replaced by POS.70 from 2019-042
75610925nut M6M M14 lockUsed with POS.742
761037775Hose Holder GRD10/20Used until 2019-101
78710235adapter 234-06-04Used until 2019-102
797000430hose kit - GRD10(POS.80-81 Included)1
807000431hoseUsed until 2019-102
817000432SlangUsed until 2019-102
837000181hoseUsed until 2019-102