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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
5610437screw MC6S 8x40 12.9 untreated ISO47622
8610532screw MC6S 16x100 12.9 untreated ISO4762QTY depends on config. (22-26) Torque: 333Nm26
121023811tilt cylinder EC219/EC226WSee "Tilt cylinders"2
16711504Plug VSTIR38EDQTY: 2 for option Wide6
17710703Seal washer GBR06 3/8"QTY: 2 for option Wide8
18710106adapter 136-06-06QTY: 2 for option Wide8
24610534screw MC6S 16x120 12.9 untreated ISO4762Torque: 333Nm4
28640413slotted pin RPE5x20QTY: 4 for option Wide2
60611302Screw cover M16Part of make up8
61610576screw MC6S 16x140 12.9 untreated ISO4762Replaced by POS.24 from 2018-054
621005725hose terminal universal leftReplaced by POS.25 from 2018-051
631005726hose terminal universal rightReplaced by POS.26 from 2018-051
641038105hose terminal 8 Hoses leftReplaced by POS.25 from 2018-051
651038106hose terminal 8 Hoses rightReplaced by POS.26 from 2018-051
661005911spacer terminal 39mmReplaced by POS.27 from 2018-054
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