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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
91056894bearing ring EC26/EC226 18 skruvar V21
131043983Shim kit End lock EC226(1011512, 1011513, 1011514 included)1
141055665Skruvkåpa EC226 V2 BearbetningFor standard & option ePS1
221044091choke valve White 160/200cc fixed 200barTorque: 77Nm. Assemble before connecting motor to rotator frame1
23710157adapter 401-06-08 90°Assemble before connecting motor to rotator frame2
washer NL 10mm 15310534611041washer NL 10mm 153105QTY: 2 for QSM, 10 for MACS7
35610453screw MC6S 10x40 12.9 untreated ISO4762QTY: 2 for QSM, 7 for MACS Torque: 79Nm4
411027386valve block-swivel 7-channel ECHFSee "Valve blocks & Swivels"1
421030298Slip ring-ECHF-DTM/ PlugFor QS. See "Slip rings"1
52710106adapter 136-06-06Assemble before connecting valve block to rotator frame2
541030297valve block-swivel 5v & 6-ch Slip ring-DTM(POS.55 included) See "Valve blocks & Swivels"1
581021136lube kit EC226 version 3See "Central lubrication"1
60610404screw MC6S 5x35 12.9 untreated ISO4762QTY: 2 for option ePS on 6-ch1
69650408RP M36x2 Din 908 FZBQTY: 5 for option MACS6
776000047Magnet Neodym35 8x5x3mm SVAB MACSLoctite 415. Harden 1 minute1
841023292Platta break support - EC226, EC233Part of quick hitch assembly1
856000157screw MC6S 8x20H 12.9 ZFSHL ISO4762Part of quick hitch assembly2
87611301Screw cover M12Part of make up2
88611304Screw cover M14Part of make up8
96640413slotted pin RPE5x20QTY: 4 for option Wide2
1017000957hosePart of quick hitch assembly1
1027000958hosePart of quick hitch assembly1
Sticker kit - EC2261051025953Sticker kit - EC226Part of make up1
1151016103End lock EC26/EC226Replaced by POS.14 from 2020-071
1161023246worm wheel EC226 18 boltReplaced by POS.5 from 2020-061
1181028045Inductive sensor M8 PNP NO - SVAB MACSReplaced by POS.74 from 2017-08 Distance 4mm. Nut torque: 3Nm1
1191011242wear washer EC26/EC226Used until 2016-051
120610108screw M6S 6x12 8.8 FZBUsed until 2016-058
122710510adapter DSVW-15 LR HFX banjoReplaced by POS.23 from 2013-032
123740275hose hydraulic motor - EC26/EC226 - longReplaced by POS.56 from 2013-031
124740274hose hydraulic motor - EC26/226 - shortReplaced by POS.57 from 2013-031