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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
3711504Plug VSTIR38EDQTY: 2 for Dbl.Extra4
15610530screw MC6S 16x90 12.9 untreated ISO4762Torque: 333Nm12
O-ring 15,6x1,78 NBR7018710912O-ring 15,6x1,78 NBR70Part of rotator frame assembly1
O-ring 12,42x1,78 NBR 70 shore19710973O-ring 12,42x1,78 NBR 70 shorePart of rotator frame assembly4
O-ring 6,07x1,78 NBR7020712422O-ring 6,07x1,78 NBR70Part of rotator frame assembly2
211028391connection block under ECHF v.3Part of rotator frame assembly1
washer NL 10mm 15310522611041washer NL 10mm 153105Part of rotator frame assembly2
23610457screw MC6S 10x50 12.9 untreated ISO4762Part of rotator frame assembly QTY: 2 for EC-Oil2
27610465screw MC6S 10x90 12.9 untreated ISO47621
29711532Plug VSTIR34EDQTY: 4 for EC214 Without Extra2
32610433screw MC6S 8x20H 12.9 untreated ISO47628
42710703Seal washer GBR06 3/8"QTY: 2 for EC-Oil4