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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
8631003bushing BWG-F 35/45/55/5x30Replaces 631002 from 2013-104
13610437screw MC6S 8x40 12.9 untreated ISO47622
16610526screw MC6S 16x70 12.9 untreated ISO4762Torque 333Nm8
171019630tilt cylinder EC209See subheading Tilt cylinders for exploded view2
221019740yoke bracket tilt cylinder EC209For S45/S50/Hydrema/QS45/QS50 (POS.8 included)2
25610530screw MC6S 16x90 12.9 untreated ISO4762(QTY: 8 for UNI) Torque 333Nm4
48742852hose tilt cylinder - EC209 - QS - longConnect to same side of valveblock2
49742853hose tilt cylinder - EC209 - QS - shortConnect to same side of valveblock2
50742854hose tilt cylinder - EC209 - UNI (ingen terminal)Connect to opposite side of valveblock4
52742812hose tilt - EC209 longConnect to opposite side of valveblock2
53742815hose tilt - EC209 valve block shortConnect to opposite side of valveblock2
62611302Screw cover M16Part of make up (QTY: 8 for UNI)4
65610532screw MC6S 16x100 12.9 untreated ISO4762Torque 333Nm4