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Number of hits 83
Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
2711500Plug VSTIR12EDFor option EC-Oil, HF Fwd.Extra4
4711504Plug VSTIR38EDQTY: 4 for Without Extra2
5710702Seal washer GBR04 1/4"QTY depends on config (6-14)12
8710152adapter 401-06-06 90°QTY depends on config (1-3)2
9710703Seal washer GBR06 3/8"QTY depends on config (1-13)2
19650409Pipe Plug RP M26x1,5Din 908 FZBPart of rotator frame assembly6
20710272banjo bolt 4451-06QTY depends on config (2-4)4
217000153Protection Plug HECO 45/50 hydraulicQTY depends on config (2-4)2
237000548hose kit - EC209 QSD45/50 - QSD-Q(POS.26, 55, 56 included)1
247000549hose kit - EC209 QSD45 - QSD-Q EC-Oil(POS.26, 28, 61, 64 included)1
257000550hose kit - EC209 QSD50 - QSD-Q EC-Oil(POS.26, 28, 29, 61, 64 included)1
27710271banjo bolt 4451-04QTY depends on config (2-4)4
287000440hoseQTY: 1 for QSD502
297000459hoseFor QSD501
357000544hose kit - EC209 QSD50 - standard(POS.38, 39, 43 included)1
367000555hose kit - EC209 QSD45 - EC-Oil(POS.38, 72, 74 included)1
377000556hose kit - EC209 QSD50 - EC-Oil(POS.38, 39, 73, 74 included)1
387000435hoseQTY: 1 for QSD502
397000449hoseFor QSD501
467000540hoseFor HF Fwd.Extra QTY: 1 for QSD502
477000541hoseFor QSD501
577000443hoseQTY: 1 for QSD502
587000460hoseFor QSD501
597000462hoseFor QSD501
607000445hoseQTY: 1 for QSD50 & EC-Oil Dbl.Extra2
687000448hoseQTY: 1 for QSD50 & QSD45 EC-Oil Dbl.Extra2
697000450hoseFor QSD501
72740197hoseFor QSD451
737000463hoseFor QSD501
757000446hoseQTY: 1 for QSD50 & EC-Oil 2Bl. HF2
76710154adapter 401-04-06 90°QTY depends on config (1-2)2
O-ring 9,25x1,78 GREEN Viton 90 shore84710901O-ring 9,25x1,78 GREEN Viton 90 shorePart of rotator frame assembly6
851025502connection block 6-ch EC209-for Slip ringPart of rotator frame assembly1
washer NL 10mm 15310586611041washer NL 10mm 153105Part of rotator frame assembly2
87610460screw MC6S 10x60 12.9 untreated ISO4762Part of rotator frame assembly2
881035724Coupling ECO QSD 3/8" female - quick hitchReplaced by POS.22 from 2020-014