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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
4611040washer NL 8mm 153104QTY: 4 part of make up8
111042047directional valve NG4 IQS lock 12V DT ss10 Coil AQS, CW, ECPUP, ss SIQ (POS.10 included)1
121042190directional valve NG4 IQS lock 24V DT ss10 Coil AQS, CW, ECPUP, ss SIQ (POS.10 included)1
directional valve 24V22730103directional valve 24V(POS.18 included)2
241034402screw Valve Distance NG6 M5x30,5See p.13/16 for location. (MACS p.6)1
screw MC6S 5x30 12.9 untreated ISO476225610403screw MC6S 5x30 12.9 untreated ISO4762Torque: 9,7Nm. QTY: 15 for MACS16
30742814hose feed - EC209 valve blockFeed Right: Mount on a-side Feed Left: Mount on b-side1
337000650hoseFeed Right: Replace POS.311
347000608hoseFeed Right & Feed Right+Left: Replace POS.321
471045154Plug JTPlug JT connector1
521048529Adapterkabel-ECO W-DC2 -QSC-DTMFor EC-Oil. Replace POS.481
691029599adapter cable-ECO-ss5/ss9/SVAB-DTMFor EC-Oil. Replace POS.65-662
708000825Adapterkabel-ePS-ECOFor EC-Oil ePS. Replace POS.641
811028045Inductive sensor M8 PNP NO - SVAB MACSAdjust clockwise. Nut torque: 3Nm1
82650409Pipe Plug RP M26x1,5Din 908 FZBPart of rotator frame assembly1
841043277adapter cable ECO W-MACS-DTMFor EC-Oil. Replace POS.65 & 751
90730321directional valve NG4 crossparallel external T without CoilNut (POS.93) and o-ring with chokenozzle included. Assemble with POS.91/921
967000041hoseFor UNI top parts1
977000489hoseFor other top parts1
102842173adapter cable-ePS-DC2-rotation sensorReplaced by POS.58 from 2019-101
103842188adapter cable-ePS-ss9/SVAB-rotation sensorReplaced by POS.59 from 2019-101
1051042245cable ePS ECO W tiltrotator SVAB/ss9/ss5Replaced by POS.70 from 2019-101
106710151adapter 401-04-04 90°Replaced by Banjos from 2017-044
110742812hose tilt - EC209 longUsed with POS.1062
1121044790Adapterkabel-låsventil-ECO W-DC2-QSC DTM-DTReplaced by POS.52 from 2018-081
1131042249adapter cable-ECO W-DC2-DTMReplaced by POS.52 from 2018-081
1141042250adapter cable-lock valve-ECO W-DC2-QSCReplaced by POS.113 from 2017-101
1151033021cable ePS ECO tiltrotator SVAB/ss9/ss5Replaced by POS.105 from 2017-101