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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
3710151adapter 401-04-04 90°Assemble before connecting valve block to rotator frame2
81042047directional valve NG4 IQS lock 12V DT ss10 Coil AQS, CW, ECPUP, ss SIQ (POS.7 included)1
291045154Plug JTPlug JT connector1
341048529Adapterkabel-ECO W-DC2 -QSC-DTMFor EC-Oil 45/50. Replace POS.301
421029599adapter cable-ECO-ss5/ss9/SVAB-DTMFor ECO 45/50. Replace POS.38-391
47730321directional valve NG4 crossparallel external T without CoilNut (POS.50) and o-ring with chokevalve included. Assemble with POS.491