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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
11040358Inductive sensor M12 DTM04-3P - hook QSC - 645mmMount just below surface edge (POS.2-3 included)1
121049245locking cylinder QS70 V4See "Lock cylinders"1
131040359Inductive sensor M12 DTM04-3P - locking cylinder QSCMount 1mm from Sensor plate (POS.2-3 included)1
171035751Sensor plate QS70Assemble with slight play1
30611042washer NL 12mmQTY: 4 for EC-Oil10
341035613locking cylinder QS70 80/50Replaced by POS.12 from 2018-121
Inductive sensor M12 DTM04-3P - hook quick hitch351029068Inductive sensor M12 DTM04-3P - hook quick hitchReplaced 2018. (POS.2-3 included) Mount just below surface edge1
361036833Inductive sensor M12 DTM04-3P - locking cylinderReplaced by POS.13 from 2018-01 Mount 1mm from Sensor plate (POS.2-3 included1
371024200locking hook QS70Replaced by 1035734 from 2016-091
381033082locking cylinder QS70 pre before 2017-05-22Replaced by 1037457 from 2016-09 (POS.20-21, 39-41, 43-46 included)1
391028940locking cylinder QS70 V2 before 2017-05-22Replaced by POS.34 from 2016-091
401024697Ejectors QS70 NOT for givareReplaced by POS.15 from 2016-091
411029067Ejectors QS70 with sensor - DTMReplaced by POS.15 from 2016-09 (POS.35, 42 included)1
471028215cover plate QS70 - without ECO-blockReplaced by POS.31. Note holes1
501024696Ejectors QS70 for givareReplaced by POS.41 from 2015-041
51810463Inductive sensor M12 IF6079Replaced by POS.35 from 2015-042
Deutsch DT04-6P contact device52820109Deutsch DT04-6P contact deviceReplaced by POS.3 from 2015-041
53711533pipeplug DIN 906 M12x1,5Used until 2016-091
55611040washer NL 8mm 153104Used until 2016-102
56610433screw MC6S 8x20H 12.9 untreated ISO4762Used until 2016-102
571050636locking cylinder QS70 V4 pre-NOT QSCReplaces 1037457. Used without QSC (POS.12, 14-21, 36 included)1