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Number of hits 80
Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
71033283Heim joint M10/Ø10 Male, 42mmUnscrew 4 turns from bottomed2
261044774Grab arm GRD70 left(POS.28 included)1
271044787Grab arm GRD70 right(POS.28 included)1
357000901hose kit - GRD70 Bolted(POS.36-37 included)1
71743003hose grab - EC214 - QS45GR10 - insideReplaced by POS.47 from 2019-102
747000732hose kit GRD70(POS.75-76 included)1
757000730hoseReplaced by POS.36 from 2019-102
767000731hoseReplaced by POS.37 from 2019-102
781051150grab guard-GRD20/GRD70-right/left-steelReplaced by POS.56 from 2019-07 (POS.79 included)2
801045040grab cylinder GRD70 leftReplaced by POS.32 from 2019-041
811045041grab cylinder GRD70 rightReplaced by POS.32 from 2019-041
821048578grab guard GRD70-complete-left plasticReplaced by POS.78 from 2019-041
831048579grab guard GRD70-complete-right plasticReplaced by POS.78 from 2019-041
Start > engcon för grävmaskiner > Tiltrotators > Grab adapters > GRD70 'Grab cassette'