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Number of hits 67
Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
141033283Heim joint M10/Ø10 Male, 42mmScrew until bottomed, then unscrew 4,5 turns2
291031144Grab arm GRD20 left(POS.31 included)1
301031147Grab arm GRD20 right(POS.31 included)1
331042067shims GRD20 56x40,5x1Also used between POS.29/30 & POS.1 if required2
507000195Slang Sats - GRD60(POS.51-52 included)1
716000057nut M16x1,5 low A4Used until 2016-061
Start > engcon för grävmaskiner > Tiltrotators > Grab adapters > GRD20 'Grab cassette'