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Number of hits 45
Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
11040358Inductive sensor with DTM04-3P - hook quick hitch QSCMount just below surface edge (POS.2-3 included)1
9610808screw MS6SS M8x16Used from 2015-041
131040359Inductive sensor with DTM04-3P - locking cylinder QSCMount 1mm from Sensor plate (POS.2-3 included)1
141024020spring QS45/50/60 Ejectors - long (16x104)2
151024019spring QS45/50/60 Ejectors - short (16x71)2
181036988Sensor plate QS45-QS50Assemble with slight play1
21710702Seal washer GBR04 1/4"Opposite side for EC2062
22711505Plug Din 908 1/4"Opposite side for EC2062
31611041washer NL 10mm 153105QTY: 4 for EC-Oil8
381029068Inductive sensor with DTM04-3P - hook quick hitchReplaced 2018. (POS.2-3 included) Mount just below surface edge1
391036833Inductive sensor with DTM04-3P - locking cylinderReplaced by POS.13 from 2018-01 Mount 1mm from Sensor plate (POS.2-3 included)1
401033080locking cylinder QS45/QS50 förmonteradReplaced by 1037789 from 2017 (POS.14-15, 21-22, 41-43, 45-46)2
411027573locking cylinder QS45/QS50 v.2Replaced by POS.37 from 20171
421025412Ejectors QS45 ej for givareReplaced by POS.16 from 20171
431029065Ejectors QS45/50 with sensor-DTMReplaced by POS.16 from 2017 (POS.38, 44 included)1
471028214cover plate QS45 - without ECO-blockReplaced by POS.33. Note holes.1
481030022cover plate QS50 - without ECO-blockReplaced by POS.34. Note holes.1
491025396Ejectors QS45 for givareReplaceed by POS.43 from 2015-042
50810463Inductive sensor M12 IF6079Replaced by POS.38 from 2015-042
51820109Deutsch DT04-6P contact deviceReplaced by POS.3 from 2015-041
521050634locking cylinder QS45/QS50 V4 pre-NOT QSCReplaces 1037789. Used without QSC (POS.12, 14-22, 39 included)2
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