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Number of hits 56
Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
13611040washer NL 8mm 153104QTY: 4 part of make up8
151029849tilt cylinder EC204Part of top part See "Tilt cylinders"1
17710703Seal washer GBR06 3/8"QTY: 4 part of rotator frame assembly6
19710272banjo bolt 4451-06Part of rotator frame assembly2
217000104adapter 402-04-04 45°Part of rotator frame assembly2
23710702Seal washer GBR04 1/4"QTY: 6 for option Right+Left5
25710271banjo bolt 4451-04QTY: 1 for option Right+Left2
267000584hoseFor option Right+Left1
308000652Deutsch DTM06-4S Kontaktdon1
318000653Deutsch DTM06-2S Kontaktdon1
381032718Aggregate cable joint - EC204(POS.32 included. Joint to valves)1
398000763Aggregate cable DC2 Complete QSC(POS.31, 40-42 included)1
568000175Aggregate cable-DC2-QSCReplaced by POS.39 from 2019-05 (POS.40-43 included)1
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