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Number of hits 58
Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
2810662holder - Deutsch contactQTY: 4-6 for EC-Oil2
46000009Rubber Steel Clamp ø16Cut cable protection: 200mm1
7610920nut M6M M5 coverQTY: 3 for EC-Oil2
cable QS - QLM - tiltrotator DTM 4,5m9842148cable QS - QLM - tiltrotator DTM 4,5mAttach to POS.25 6P (Not on DC2)1
12710706Seal washer GBR12 3/4"QTY depends on config.6
13710126adapter 136-12-12QTY depends on config.6
187000499hoseQTY: 4 for 4 hyd2
191048528Kabel ECO60/70 W-Maskin-DC2(3,5m)-DTM-QS/QSCAttach to POS.25 12P1
517000560hoseFor Liebherr. Mount to POS.502
527000689Plug Xvschk-10 L ZnNiFor Liebherr. Mount to POS.512
541040065cover QS70Turn 180° for EC-Oil1
581040757Mounting plate Hose Holder QS70 UNIOnly with inserts, not welded2
597000409Rörklammer TSLK4030 PPWith both inserts and welded4
60612020screw MC6S 10x40 12.9 DacrometWith both inserts and welded4
611042248cable ECO60/70 W-machine-DC2(3,5m)-DTM-QS/QSCReplaced by POS.19 from 2018-08 Attach to POS.25 6P & 12P1
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