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Pos.Item no.DescriptionExtra infoQty.
31049315cable ECO W Tilt angle sensor QH DC2Attach to POS.29 6P (Only DC2)1
4842148cable QS - QLM - tiltrotator DTM 4,5mAttach to POS.29 6P (Not on DC2)1
131052639connection block QS60 ECO feedFor ECO "HF" (Not compatible with ss9)1
187000955hoseQTY: 2 for 4 hyd1
197000956hoseQTY: 2 for 4 hyd1
331024056Coupling ECO60 1/2" female - quick hitchTorque: 60Nm. (POS.34 included)2
34710913O-ring 17,17x1,78 PU/90 - ECO60 1/2"Separate seal kit: 70000462
361042362central lubrication kit ECO W(POS.37-43 included)1
381024112piston sealing KPOR130 12x7,1x2,2(O-ring included with seal ring)2
411047688Mutter fettkolv V2Wrap with thread sealing tape1
42712429O-ring 9,25 x 1,78 NBR70Located inside POS.411
521047111cable ECO W Tilt angle sensor QH ss10/ss5L.Bl: WH>11. R.Bl: BR>1, BL>2, GR>111
641052669cover QS60 V4 ECO 3/4"ECO with conn.block, & Without ECO1
651055335Lock QS60 V4 litetECO w/o conn.block, & Without ECO1
661054935Lock QS60 V4 ECO 1/2"ECO w/o connection block1
717000814SlangUse with POS.54-552
73613009Rubber Steel Clamp ø14Cut cable protection: 230mm1
781033390Lock QS60Replaced on QS by POS.64-65 from 2019-101
791031335cover QS60 HECOReplaced on QS by POS.64-66 from 2019-101
82741505hose lock - Quick Hitch QS45, QS60, QS70Replaced by 57-58 from 2019-102
837000560hoseReplaced by 57-58 from 2019-102
847000561hoseReplaced by 57-58 from 2019-102
851042248cable ECO W-machine-DC2-DTM-QS/QSC-3,5mReplaced by POS.20 from 2018-08 Attach to POS.29 6P & 12P1
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